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Escape Velocity DVD - Special Digipak (39 minutes)

Six new films! Plus three audience favorites and two, new, bonus films!

Escape Velocity contains all of Priestley's newest award winning work plus her funniest film and three of her most popular films.

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"Imaginative, playful and whimsical, Priestley's work radiates a sense of wonder and delight."-Maral Mohammadian, Cartoons: International Journal of Animation

Venus Twist DVD - Special Digipak (67 minutes)

Joanna's most popular films! Priestley classics!

Venus Twist contains six award winning films that are all audience favorites plus a collaboration with Karen Aqua about Spain, yoga animation and a documentary on how the films were made.

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"The exquisite animated world of Joanna Priestley has been one of the best kept secrets of the toon community." -Animation Magazine


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Escape Velocity and Venus Twist DVDs - Special Digipak (106 minutes)

Sixteen films plus a documentary on how the films were made!

"Captivating work, made even more so by the behind-the-scenes documentary, in which a tour of Priestley's studio is ostensibly meant to demystify her creative process but only serves to deepen your admiration for her craftsmanship and artistry"
-Flaunt Magazine

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“Joanna Priestley is the undisputed queen of indie animation.” –Chris Robinson, Animators Unearthed, A Guide to the Best of Contemporary Animation


Ishtar Flipbook
Hand drawn and made with love!

The Ishtar flipbook begins with abstract circles that transition into a Goddess opening her arms to the night sky, crescent moon and stars and then metamorphose into a southwest canyon landscape and the rising sun. Dedicated to "Ishtar, the Goddess of the evening; Ishtar, the Goddess of the morning." Bound with two staples with covers of unprinted, gold foil card stock that may have imperfections.