I just completed North of Blue, an abstract feature film! Jamie Haggerty did the wonderful score and sound design, Brian Kinkley did the gorgeous title design and paint effects and Chris Barber did inventive additional sound effects. Loved working with them! I will let you know when I set up festival screenings.

Bottle Neck (click below to watch) is a luminous crush of still life silhouettes, abstract shapes and complex, interlocking patterns that renovate the commonplace objects of a classical painting genre in a modern setting. Seth Norman did the brilliant sound design and Brian Kinkley did the wonderful title design and compositing.

Bottle Neck (2 min. 39 sec.)

Missed Aches (3 min. 53 sec.) A witty commentary on ignorance and our over-reliance on spell check, written and narrated by slam poet Taylor Mali. Sound and music by Normand Roger, Pierre Yves Drapeau and Denis Chartrand.

Eye Liner (3 min. 53 sec.) Luminescent abstract animation with music and sound design by Seth Norman.